Kyle Chandler & Mackenzie Davis Are Being Eyed For Cable & Domino In Deadpool 2


Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose! - A new rumor has surfaced from a very good source with an early casting update for Deadpool 2, specifically on who's being considered for Cable & Domino. Come take a look!

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Porcelain_Chicken797d ago

OH nice! Kyle Chandler is an inspired choice! I would have never thought about him! I love Mackenzie Davis too! Great choices! I'm in!

NewMonday796d ago

Kyle Chandler to lightweight for Cable, maybe John Cena or the Rock or Schwarzenegger since Cable is an old man

Porcelain_Chicken794d ago

Nothing a bit of Hollywood dieting can't fix. That'll instantly get him to where he needs to be. John Cena is a terrible actor with no screen presence as an movoe star and Cable has never had an Austrian accent. Let's not start now. And The Rock?!?? Are we casting based on bicep size alone?? If that's the case just about anyone in a gym can play Cable. You need an actor!! With a bit of make-up Chandler will become the gruff soldier we know and love. You saw Deadpool, both Wade and Colosus looked spot-on like their comic book counter-part. I doubt they'd stop now.

Filming doesn't start for a while, put him on a diet and he'll be good to go in 5 months.

-Foxtrot797d ago (Edited 797d ago )

Kyle Chandler? Good actor but not Cable material

Mackenzie Davis is a great choice though for Domino

Hopefully they pick Ron Perlman, Stephen Lang or Dolph Lundgren. Whatever they pick I want to see Cable and Deadpool to see an alternative reality of the pair from Earth-3010 with Wanda Wilson and a female Cable played by Keira Knightley

dauntingpixel796d ago

i agree. he is a very good actor but not so sure he'd fit those shoes.

NewMonday796d ago

Stephen Lang is OK, has the demeanor but not the size

SaveFerris796d ago (Edited 796d ago )

Stephen Lang would be a great choice.

NotEvenMyFinalForm796d ago

He has a good guy face but with some make-up, white hair, an eye-patch and his acting I can see Cable in him. Stephen Lang would be another excellent choice but the other 2 are just terrible dawg. Ron looks like an Ape and Lundgren can't act, in fact, neither of these 2 can act.

Porcelain_Chicken794d ago

Dolph Lundgren!?!? Eww no Wade was just kidding! I'd rather Keira Knightly if that's the case lol! xD Lundgren can't act and his face looks like a half chewed potato. No thank you! Lang would be amazing but he's kinda on the smaller side. And can he do the action required for someone like Cable?!

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Kojjikaneshiro796d ago

Don't like either of these people,no doubt that they act well but not for these roles.That's a mistake they will regret if they cast these two roles with them.

thejigisup796d ago

I really don't like HHH, but Paul Michael Levesque would do well in this role i think, I also like the idea of Ron perlman(he's legendary), or stephen lang, although he's scrawny, movie magic and a few months eating nothing but crisco could help.