Jason Momoa May Fly With The Crow After Wielding Aquaman's Trident


Jason Momoa is reportedly in talks to star in The Crow reboot following his turn as Arthur Curry in Zack Snyder's Justice League. The film is expected to shoot before Aquaman's solo feature film.

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alycakes1040d ago

This is the first pick that makes sense. All the others didn't look like they had a dark side. Jason certainly does....he would be great for the part.

dauntingpixel1040d ago

i like the idea of him in the role.

acemonkey1040d ago

last time he touched an reboot he ruined it.... try making JL and aquaman

Lord_Sloth1039d ago

Yep. Actors totally write, direct, and co-star in a film. Sorry but Conan's mediocrity wasn't on Momoa.

Porcelain_Chicken1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

OH god not this again... It's 2014 all over again...

Internet people: "He can't be Batman! He single handedly ruined Daredevil and I'm still not over it 13 years later waaaaaah!"

Ugh... *shivers* @_@
----------------------------- -------------
In my opinion it's an inspired choice. Unlike anything we've heard of thus far. I'd be all in for this.

acemonkey1039d ago

You guys act like his been in an amazing movie and put on great range/ performance

Ben had awesome moments in BvS but his not batman in my opinion

did i say anything about Batman? i said he needs to stick on trying to make them movies

@lord he was still in that movie so he can be blame for it, he promoted the movie?