Nathan Fillion Takes on New Role at ABC

Former Castle star Nathan Fillion takes on a new role in a multi-episode arc on ABC's hit comedy Modern Family.

The stars of ABC's former hit show, Castle, appear to be moving on...

... and this time, the new role belongs to Nathan Fillion.

The former Castle headliner is headed to ABC's hit comedy, Modern Family!

According to the show's co-creator, Steve Levitan, Fillion will be appear in a multi-episode arc in the upcoming season.

The role? He'll be playing a weatherman named Rainer Shine.

(No, we couldn't make that up.)

Levitan says Fillion will be on for at least three episodes.

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alycakes1709d ago

I'm just waiting for him to get another show of his own

Aldous_Snow1706d ago

I love The Holy Avenger!! Needs his own movie :)

StarWarsFan1705d ago

I wonder if he'll get another show.