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Suicide Squad review as a large team of villains assemble to tackle their first deadly mission which has troubles balancing the large cast and making them feel like actual villains.

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masterfox2312d ago

I knew the movie was going to suck, the cast the trailers were so cringe worthy. Sadly this will happen to the Justice League too, the trailer was so damn bad!, not joking I thought I was seeing a TV series trailer.

X-Alchemist2312d ago

It's a massive shame, I really wanted to enjoy it. There were a few action sequences that I enjoyed but man the pacing was just as bad as BVS. I just couldn't get into it at all.

MagicBeanz2312d ago

Cause some random kid with internet access and a web page tells you it does? Do you share his personal opinion on everything or just this movie?

X-Alchemist2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

I don't read/watch reviews before I watch a film, it ruins the experience. I came into the theatre blank and I was disappointed. The trailers had convinced me that this might actually be the 'good' DC film I was waiting for but it wasn't. Just another rush job.

-Foxtrot2311d ago

Well it's not one guy giving it a bad score here is it?

akaFullMetal2312d ago

Came into the theater with low expectations due to the reviews and was still disappointed. The final act wasn't good and some of the characters were there as fluff to make the scene cool. Will Smith and waller were the best of the movie.
The villain was over powered but killed quickly. However, most the team couldn't even damage the villian during the final fight and could of been killed any second but didn't somehow.
P.s. why was enchantress dancing while doing her spell? Really?! Super cringy.

blackblades2311d ago

If that's katana last time I check she wasn't a villain. Like I said before dc animations are king can't say that with the live action movies. The series are ok to watch, also compare this to the animated movie.

Hroach6162311d ago

I just watched it. I liked it a lot. Did it have issues? Yeah. But nothing major to seriously turn me off.
And I have high hopes for Jared Letos joker in a future batman film.

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