DC Fans Create Petition To Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes

If you look up the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes for the DCEU, prepare yourself.

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WizzroSupreme1578d ago

Maybe I should petition for fans to stop making dumb petitions.

-Foxtrot1578d ago

It's funny that they don't realise Warner Brothers owns 30% of Rotten Tomatoes lol

Wouldn't they be better off directing their anger at DC for making films which are lacking and hyping them up to much which is worse then they end up being disappointing?

No no....Marvel MUST have paid all those critics off...every single one for the third time after MoS and BvS ¬¬

Porcelain_Chicken1577d ago

Do it, I'll be the first to sign. Who seriously listens to Rotten Tomatoes anyways!?? <_> A site that has Sharknado above something like The Godfather can't be all that great...

gangsta_red1577d ago

Uh oh...these must be the fans from Uncharted 4!

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legionsoup1575d ago

This comment seems REALLY off topic.

-Foxtrot1570d ago

Why the hell did my comment get marked for being "Inappropriate"?

What the hell guys....seriously.

Flewid6381576d ago

The User Score is always the one I go by for every movie. I dont care how a lot of critics feel but I do care about how moviegoers feel. If its overwhelmingly positive, I'll more than likely check out the movie.

cell9891576d ago

The problem with user score is that it can easily be altered by trolls. At least critics have some type of control. User scores are full of hate or blind fanboy praise. Unreliable in my opinion. For me personally, I go to Jeremy Jahns and Chris Stockman for an honest review. Even shmoes know are legit.

Porcelain_Chicken1576d ago

Hahah those are the only critics I trust aswell! I love Jeremy Jahns! They all do it because they love movies. It's not just a paycheck for them.

I do agree with CDzNutts though, I'll gladly take the reviews of people who wanted to see the movie over people who didn't but had to.

FlyingFoxy1576d ago

Exactly, i have seen for myself on IMDB troll ratings giving 1 stars, bashing for the sake of bashing.

I also think there are definitely overrated films like Star Wars, which is of course personal opinion.. but i wouldn't go giving it 1 star, that's just stupid.

Generally any film rated 7+ is considered good but when trolls interfere with scores you can't trust that, only way to find out is watching them yourself.. I have seen films rated in the 7 range that i definitely thought deserve more than that.

The 10th Rider1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

User scores are way off. Popcorn flicks are more likely to have good scores. Movies like the force awakens, the avengers, interstellar, etc... all appear in the top 250 on IMDb. They're all good movies, but none of them are even close to the top 250 movies ever made. I generally look at rotten tomatoes, metacritic, and user reviews. I also read a few to see how the complaints hold up. The new movie, Loving, had a reviewer that gave it a negative view basically because it's not politicized enough. To me that's actually a positive. Most other reviews are positive, both user and critic.

ZombieGamerMan1576d ago

maybe petition to fire every "real" film critic and replace them people who are more trust worthy, seriously this year has proven to me critics don't know shit, from BvS to WoW and especialy The Fake Ghostbusters

cell9891576d ago

The butthurt is strong with DC fanboys

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The story is too old to be commented.