TVF Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Man In

On Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 8, things start to heat up as the Cody's make the final preparations for their big heist. Read on for our review!

Was it worth it?

It was a tension-filled hour as J found himself in a sticky situation on Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episode 8 when he's asked to be a part of the big military heist.

I bet when J called Smurf the day his mother died, he didn't expect his life would be anything like it is right now. For a kid who was basically looking for some help and stability after the trauma of losing his mom, he sure got the short end of the stick with Smurf and company.

There is no doubt that Julia was trying to protect her kid. It's just unfortunate that she let her addiction control and eventually end her life.

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