8 Things We Learnt From The Justice League Trailer

Christian from WGTC writes "From the personalities of the new heroes to narrative decisions the movie will make, read on for eight things we learnt about DC’s now much-anticipated Justice League."

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gamerpop1827d ago

Looks interesting, I liked Wonder Woman and the interaction between Bruce/Flash was also cool.

Bobafret1827d ago

I "learnt" that it looks goofy as f@#%. Something about DC just makes it not a good fit for Cinema.

MilkMan1827d ago

DOnt need my movies to be light-hearted or funny. I have the slapstick of Marvel movies to do this. As long as the battles and story are epic, that all I need. Don't need DC Universe to be a cookie cutter of Marvels. This being said, I love the "made just for comic-con" trailer.

KingPin1827d ago

100% agreed.
if only more people thought this way.

SarcasticDuck1826d ago

Flash and Cyborg are jokesters and "light" heroes. Aquaman's purpose is peace between two "worlds". how can this not be a little funny? It's the same as asking Batman to kick Doomsday to the sun while Superman saves some people who got caught on the fight

1Victor1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Nice intro to the article but couldn't get pass the 2 paragraphs page 2 this article is a CLICK TRAP