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This New Look At Thanos From The Avengers Will Make You Hope Infinity War Uses More Practical FX


Thanos might have had a greater presence in Guardians of the Galaxy than he did The Avengers, but this new image shows how the mad titan looked a bit more realistic for the latter movie.

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dota2champion1965d ago

One on the right looks better

StarWarsFan1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I think practical FX will make a bit of a comeback. The practical has its merits alongside CGI. The last Indiana Jones had a lot of its problems stem from the fact CGI took over (the jungle chase, the monkeys). It's a shame Rick Baker retired due in large part to the domination of CGI. I'd love to see him lured out of retirement out of pure interest for a project. Imagine a director one day say something like, "We're going to make this film without any CGI," and getting an Oscar for it just as "The Artist" did for being a silent/B&W movie.

dauntingpixel1964d ago

I hope that we see a larger push to practical effects. it's an art form that is getting lost because of compuer effects being so much faster and cheaper to do.