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Who you gonna call? Screengurus picks up the phone and finds out.

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Nodoze1068d ago

Crap movie made to appease the feminazi crowd. Funny thing is they won't even be going to see it. Look forward to the tanking...HARD.

pasta_spice1068d ago

Have you actually seen it? Or are you just basing your hatred on crappy neckbeard reddit posts?

The movie isn't half bad. And I hate to break it to you, but the cinema I saw it at was packed with people: adults, kids, men, women...and they all seemed to be enjoying it. In fact, most reviews and initial impressions seem to have enjoyed it. It must suck to be such a bitter person that you are angry at a movie for merely existing. The age-old adage applies here: If you don't like it, don't see it.

Bimkoblerutso1068d ago

It just seems like Spy or Bridesmaids, and I've read that it makes constant, very dating pop culture references and has random cameos from celebrities that have absolutely nothing to do with Ghostbusters.

And to be perfectly honest, THAT is what I think most people have been afraid of from the get-go. Not really that it's a new, all-female cast, but that it doesn't really seem to want anything to do with Ghostbusters outside of name recognition.

ZombieGamerMan1068d ago

Yeah the movie just came out, Batman v Superman had a packed crowed opening day, give it a week or 2 and those numbers drop faster than a fatty from plane, also some of the more positive reviews are proven to not be trusted because some of them have been written by people who've already made their political stance on the movie known ahead of time when they joined in on the bashing of fans for being misogynist

MagicBeanz1068d ago

And your post just seems made to appease the male chauvinist crowd. Funny thing is your narrow minded views wont stop tickets from selling.

Germany71068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Hooray, more liberal feminist propaganda.
Like a user said on IMDB: " They replaced the entire main cast with only women to appeal to the radical Feminists. When your ideology discriminates against who you can cast in a role, that is called Fascism, and it's not a good thing."