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After over 20 years, Ghostbusters finally returns to our screens. With New York City in paranormal peril a new set of Ghostbusters must suit-up.

Crash Landed delves into the Ghostbusters reboot.

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annoyedgamer1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

How much did you get for this review? I need dome quick cash, where do I sign up?

-Foxtrot1069d ago

Not really about's fear. It's happened to most of them

If you don't like this film you are a sexist, misogynist asshole who supports abuse and rape against woman.

WelkinCole1069d ago

Or it could be just a good film?

Deadpoolio1069d ago

Yeah cause god forbid anyone actually like it cause the whiny man children who cry its raping their childhood say its bad, they totally must be getting paid surely it couldn't be cause its a pretty decent flick...

hazelamy1069d ago

and apparently if you like it you're a shill or afraid.

1069d ago
WelkinCole1069d ago

@bruce. Yes. I am not going to waste my time on it to be honest. Even before they made all the cast female. It just looks very tacky and out of place in this day and age. It was great back in 1984 but its freaking 2016. Its like those b grade 80's fantasy movies like Krull. They were marvelous back then.

I would not mind a re imagining but for a franchise like GB it is hard to see how they can.

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JBlaze2261069d ago

I just seen the movie and it wasn't bad.

gantarat1069d ago

Certified Fresh - 75% on rottentomatoes