The Real Reason Video Games Can't Make Good Movies

Hollywood just can't seem to get video game adaptations right. With a constant stream of poorly produced films, one has to wonder what exactly is the issue.

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SarcasticDuck1778d ago

-a game has 8-∞ hours to plot development, while a movie has 1-3 hours.
-They can't copy the story happening on the games otherwise what's the point watching the movie if you've played the game.
-They still need to stay loyal to the source, from character looks to fantasy powers/technologies.
-If the game is that good to even get a movie adaptation, the movie won't be able to create a storyline to pair with the game.

aDDicteD1778d ago

I agree 100% in everything you stated. Games are like movies and it's hard to have a transition.

aDDicteD1778d ago

It's good that the article mentioned the first mooortal kombaaaaat! Movie. It is very well done and it also helped the franchise of mk but still during that time the story is just reading a book, the story and the endings are just written in text. there's no cutscenes at that time so it was translated very well plus making the right cast, writers for that movie was also huge plus. Video games right now have very good graphics in par with what the animations have in movies today like dream works, Pixar etc. so it will be really tough to adapt it with cutting down some plot time and toning down the fantasy and other stuff if it's a live action adaptation.

Soldierone1777d ago

The problem is "Hollywood Knows best." Honestly it isn't because games are long or broken, it's because Hollywood big wigs think they have a formula down that translates to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and won't veer from it. They could see 10 bombs in a year, but just because 1 film did well means that stupid formula still works.....

This creates 2 problems. 1 A lot of films are chopped up video game stories because Hollywood thinks we can't comprehend a story, so they make it an action copy and paste job with no faith behind it. Which leads to problem 2, audiences get used to utter crap so even if a true Video game fan (like the director of Warcraft) makes a true video game adaptation, it still gets destroyed simply for being a video game adaptation.