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'Doctor Strange' Could Be Marvel's First Horror Movie


Things are about to get so “Strange” at Marvel, it’s scary.

Though “Doctor Strange“ may not be as widely known as “Captain America,” Marvel’s new movie could turn out to be one of its most important. “Strange” opens up the Marvel Universe to the world of magic, and, according to star Scott Adkins, it may even have some horror in it too.

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WizzroSupreme1249d ago

First horror movie? That was called Ghost Rider and or Fant4stic in all the wrong ways.

SarcasticDuck1247d ago

Irony: Doctor Strange will present magic to the MCU but there's a "witch" on the Avengers (Scarlet Witch). (i know she's a mutant, just making fun about she being a witch)

joeorc1247d ago

Doctor Strange is an Avenger that deals with the supernatural threats to earth!
Horrors of all sorts, but he still is a Hero, since he is Earth's Sorcerer supreme and does super things that no one can do that's super..

Doctor Strange will be dealing with other sorcery empowered villain's.
Its really not a Horror Movie in intent. LoL

SuperHero Action with supernatural Horror elements.

Think Constantine!