Sean Astin Teases Return Of One-Eyed Willie In Goonies Sequel


Over the past couple years, several members of the cast of 1985's Goonies — Corey Feldman ("Dream a Little Dream"), Josh Brolin ("Guardians of the Galaxy"), and Sean Astin ("The Lord of the Rings") — have expressed interest in reprising their roles in a much-rumored sequel, and in just the past year, Astin has boldly claimed that a sequel is a "lock" to happen. Goonies never say die!

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StarWarsFan2007d ago

They've been talking about this forever. I won't believe it until I see stills of them filming.

dauntingpixel2007d ago

true enough. i want this sequel more than anything as long as they keep the true spirit and heart of the film.

sonicwrecks2005d ago

I hope they can get a decent story together for it. There's one thing going "we want to do it" there's another giving a reason for the adventure happening.