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'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Is Reshooting Nearly Half Of The Movie

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If you listened to yesterday's LOS FANBOYS Podcast- which, if you haven't, you totally should because I open it with an epic NSFW rant about critics- you'd know that we broke a major story. This post will be dedicated entirely to that.

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dauntingpixel2003d ago

yeeesshhh. that doesn't sound great.

MasterD9192002d ago

The first cut was probably deemed too violent (and awesome) and instead we'll get a cheesy, god awful waste of 120 minutes they can a spin-off into 10 other spin-offs.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA2001d ago

Exactly! Why does everyone feel like a Star Wars prequel needs to be all happy go lucky? Look how that turned out for Ep. 1-3.

StarWarsFan2002d ago

Half the movie? I wonder if that's true. If it is, does that make this the most costly Star Wars movie ever? lol

hirobrotagonist2002d ago

this is really disappointing, if Disney was smart, they'd release an alternate cut...But yeah, they won't

coolbeans2001d ago

Now I'm very worried about this film.