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Bloodline "Part 15" Review - AVClub

AVClub: John Rayburn is running for Monroe County Sheriff. John Rayburn has lost his damn mind. Diana, who is maybe the only member of this family who sees things clearly these days, is the first to ask John the question of the episode: Why? John’s campaign run makes little to no sense from a character perspective. John tells Kevin in the season-two premiere that he needs to be smart, but he doesn’t take his own words of advice here. Running for sheriff is one of the dumbest things John could possibly do right now. He needs to lie low. He probably needs to get the hell out of Florida. Danny dumped all the evidence Wayne Lowry needs to strongarm John into keeping the feds off his tail, and the only person who could have possibly dug John out of this whole has been corrupted to go along with the blackmail. John might not want to admit it, but Danny’s the only one in the driver’s seat right now.

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