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Wander Over Yonder "The Night Out" Review - AVClub

AVClub: The headline here sort of buries the lede. “The Night Out” is the first time the show actually explores another side to Dominator, a character that–despite the show’s best efforts–never quite received the kind of development it promised. Sure, we know how she functions: as an absolute evil figure who gets her kicks off intergalactic tyranny and suffering. Tonight’s second episode narrows that idea so it’s more personal, allowing us to see how she is as a street-level character instead of a overly imposing figure. To properly get into that, though, the writers channel it focusing on Sylvia. Both “The Hot Shot” and “The Night Out” are about exploring Sylvia’s darker sides, hinting at at what she once was, and contrasting that with who she is now. It’s through this more thorough understanding of the butt-kicking zbornak that we can talk about Dominator.

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