Person Of Interest "Reassortment" Review - AVClub

AVClub: “QSO” is about believing the unbelievable and the cost of doing so. A host of a radio show about paranormal activity named Max Green is being targeted by Samaritan because he’s asked one too many questions. Samaritan is using the radio frequency to communicate with its operatives and Green’s interest in cracking the code poses a threat. Root takes on the guise of a radio station employee in order to save Green from an enemy that he doesn’t understand. A twist on the number of the week is that this particular man refuses to be saved. He has the choice to flee from Samaritan or stay and fight; he chooses the latter. This is a fairly standard rescue mission that fails because Green is willing to risk his life for his job–speaking out about the mysterious forces in the universe. This example of self-sacrifice parallels Team Machine’s willingness to give up their normal lives in order to battle a dangerous AI.

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