Game Of Thrones "The Broken Man" Second Opinion Review - AVClub

AVClub: Game Of Thrones has a crude way of making optimism unsettling. It’d be one thing if Arya simply looked at the titans of Braavos on her last night in town. It’s another when she’s fresh off a triumphant moment, gazing with nostalgia as the happy music plays, and an old woman from It Follows calls her a sweet girl. That’s why it’s not so disturbing to watch Sansa secretly send a raven to someone who is probably Littlefinger asking for military support. It plays like it might turn out to be a very bad decision, but adversity just makes Team Stark underdogs. The most direct cause of the Red Wedding had no warning signs. Robb marrying Talisa was practically a honeymoon at Rivendell. What you really have to worry about are the unguarded happy endings, lest they turn out to actually be endings. Just ask Trystane and Myrcella.

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