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Worst Movie Posters Since 2010


From photoshopping disasters to lazy execution, these 50 posters from this decade rank among the worst of the worst for lack of creativity and poor design.

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thorstein2007d ago

How did you manage to put it all on one page. You must be an internet magician!


Yes i think he is a magacian as their are many of them some are not that like to he seen!!

Christopher2007d ago

Okay, that Yogi Bear 3D one could just be bears filming an amateur porn movie...

Now that I've let that sink into your mind, "Exit, Stage Left" *meow*

Soldierone2007d ago

I think it's funny that they complain that the Tomorrowland poster has no females in it, then for the Transformers one they complain that it only has a female in it.....

Also some of these posters were from full sets. Personally I like the Gangster Squad one, the only thing I didn't really like is the explosion in the middle. The X-men post is all around terrible photoshopping.