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‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2’ Disappoints: Does Hollywood Have a Sequel Problem?


Hollywood is fighting off a nasty illness.

“Sequelitis,” the entertainment industry equivalent of the Zika virus, has gripped major studios. Its symptoms include sluggish box office, feverish critical take downs and disdainful social media reactions.

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StarWarsFan2004d ago

I don't know if making sequels is necessarily the problem, but Hollywood is betting everything on franchises more and more. They're establishing a franchise and scheduling sequels before the first movie even comes out. Sometimes they don't even take the time to get it right and just depend on the brand. As well, even separate properties are getting tied together so that they almost feel like the same movie. It used to be you'd watch a Superman movie, then a Batman movie and feel you watched two different things. Now you get the characters in one movie, plus their own films. Man Of Steel is one case. They tried to translate Nolan's gritty Batman into Superman; then they put them together to fight each other. I just don't think every brand needs to be part of a bigger universe. Marvel did it, but I don't know if DC movies need to copy it. The appeal of the past X-Men movies might stem from that. They function in their own world, which makes me enjoy them a bit better at times than the cross-connecting Marvel universe over at Disney.