Geoff Johns Reveals The Official Title Of The Justice League Movie

WGTC writes: Geoff Johns has cleared up any misconceptions about the title of Zack Snyder's Justice League movie.

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Porcelain_Chicken2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Surprise, surprise! At least there's no dumb subtitle. I was worried it was actually gonna be called Justice Leage Part 1.

ZombieGamerMan2012d ago

should have been called Justice League: Rushjob To Catch Up With Marvel

Porcelain_Chicken2012d ago

Rush job?! How!? Marvel had 5 movies leading up to The Avengers....

Iron Man - The Incredible Hulk - Iron man 2 - Thor - Captain America The First Avenger

DC has 4 leading up to The Justice League....

Man of Steel - Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice - Suicide Squad - Wonder Woman

Do you really need that extra movie to keep up!?!? I kinda feel bad for you if that is the case.

Darrius Cole2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

By "rush job" I think he means that the current DC movie universe is not yet set-up to be ready for the justice league. That's the way I took it.

TL:DR = The JL fights bigger and smaller enemies than the Avengers and across a bigger spectrum, from simple street hoods all the way up to alien gods with magic and science in between. That takes longer to set-up if you don't mess up. When you consider that DC is messing up, it's easy to see that they are rushing the JL.

You can't just count movies and say "they had five, so we get five." You have to have a story in mind that is set in a certain environment, and then set about telling your story. For the movies about the big hero organizations, you need several movies that are done the right way in order to create the proper environment. DC hasn't done that yet. They haven't done enough movies and the ones they have done have not been done right. Moreover, I think they have more to do than Marvel did with the Avengers.

DC is about aliens (Superman, Manhunter, Latern Corp), meta-humans (Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman), super-genius (Luthor), a touch of magic (Wonder Woman, Ras Al Guhl, Shazaam), and vigilantes who are forced to play on a bigger stage because of all the afore-mentioned (Batman & family, Green Arrow and family). The Justice League regulates ALL that.

That's a lot to tell, even before you consider that several heroes and many villains have basically god-like power levels.

Marvel has many of those elements plus mutants, although I think the average Marvel character has a lower power-level than the average DC character; but Marvel split up its universe to make the lift easier. Mutants are in their own universe, as is the largest meta human (Spider-man). Alien interaction has been kept to a minimum. DC can't do that, because the JL covers ALL bases. The JL is basically an inter-galactic power, doing what no earth government can.

That is A LOT to set up. They probably need 10 movies, done correctly, before they are ready for a JL level villain. When you consider that they are messing movies up...yeah they are rushing.

Soldierone2011d ago

Basically these people want DC to do boring typical origin movies that we really don't need at all because we already grasp the concept, otherwise it becomes a rush job.....

Sorry, but it's like Spider-man. Do we really need an origin story every time they reboot it? No, we know who he is, we know how he got his powers, move on. Same goes for DC. We get the idea of it, now lets get to the good stuff. We don't need an origin for every little detail before they become a group.......

dota2champion2012d ago

Well, I did expected that be the title

blackblades2012d ago

This isn't a justice league without green lantern. There's always superman, batman, wonder women, flash, green lantern. Then either cyborg or the martian.

Summons752011d ago

Oh, I was banking on either Justice League: Dream Sequence the sequel or Justice League: The iconic character mutilation continues. What .jpeg will Wonder Woman be looking for now? Will hobo flash ever stop shouting about Lois Lane? Will Superman stop slaughtering everyone for the sake of Lois Lane? Can Batman find another hypocritical reason to hate someone else then go to sleep and dream? Will terrible Lex Luther continue his rants about Darksied and will he be disappointed when everyone knows America's biggest lie? Find out next time on Justice League: Sequel Squabblers.

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