Zack Snyder Shoots Down Christopher Reeve Man of Steel Easter Egg


It's been speculated that Zack Snyder may have snuck a Christopher Reeve Easter Egg into the Man of Steel World Engine scene.

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Porcelain_Chicken2673d ago

Bull!!! I don't believe it! That's Christopher Reeve for sure!!!! XD

cleft52673d ago

Christopher Reeve remains the best actor to ever play Superman.

Porcelain_Chicken2673d ago

Agreed! Henry Cavill shows so much potential but he'll never reach it under the huge shadow Snyder casts over him.

Aldous_Snow2673d ago

Really hard to tell. Would have been more helpful to show it frame by frame really slowly

Porcelain_Chicken2672d ago

I was trying to post a link to a YouTube video showing frame by frame proof but FilmWatch will not let me..... So yeah, look it up yourself I guess. :/ Here's the exact title

Man Of Steel • ? Christopher Reeve cameo ? • frame by frame in HD •

Aldous_Snow2672d ago

Thanks. I think it's mainly the eyes of Reeve that have been CGI'd in and the smoother skin. Hair and bumpy nose look like Cavill's.

Very cool

Porcelain_Chicken2672d ago

Right!?!? Snyder is playing coy! XD

Christopher Reeve/Henry Cavill: "With our Superpowers combined, we are Superman!" That sounded better in my head. It actually sounds like a Goyer-esque line lol.


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