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10 Hilarious Horror Films That Weren't Supposed To Be Funny


Horror has always flirted with humour, but when horror films go wrong, nothing’s funnier. You sit there with your popcorn and your enthusiasm, waiting to be scared, then as the monster in the the silly rubber suit (with the zipper clearly visible) appears to menace a Playmate of the Month everyone explodes with laughter.

The idea that someone would set out to make a serious film featuring centrefolds and rubber monsters is itself amusing, but watching their efforts with a receptive crowd is even better. “Bad” horror films are usually more fun than their “prestigious” counterparts and boy do they give the crowd something to talk about afterwards. Anyone who’s ever attended a midnight screening of Troll 2 knows what I’m talking about.

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MasterD9192012d ago

The Wickerman was absurd. I remember the bee scene every time I come across bees, haha.