8 Reasons X-Men: Apocalypse Doesn't Deserve The Hate


The most recent X-Men movie has undoubtedly been met with a very mixed reaction over the past couple of weeks. While it hasn’t had the critical mauling that Batman V Superman faced, it is fair to say the reaction has been muted in comparison to the rapturous reception Civil War (deservedly) received when it opened.

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2pacalypsenow2017d ago

I enjoyed Xmen more than Captain America

WizzroSupreme2017d ago

Hey, anything Singer directs is probably gonna beat X-Men Origins and Last Stand, right?

-Foxtrot2017d ago

Why is it that any superhero film that gets hated on lately has some secret agenda behind it. Maybe they just suck compared to other films out there.

MasterD9192017d ago

Apocalypse could have been better. Oscar Isaacs tried, but the whole concept of him for this movie was way off.