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X-Men: Apocalypse Review--Twinfinite

Only the strong can survive in X-Men Apocalypse. Unfortunately, Fox's new film in the long running franchise isn't one of those folk.

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ISHU2011d ago

Man i had such high hopes...but this movie was such a let down.

GigawattConduit2011d ago

Two of the three trailers were really well done, but this did NOT live up to those.

MasterD9192011d ago

It did feel a bit hollow and somewhat pointless...and Apocalypse was definitely not drafted well for this film. It felt like a cross between First Class all over again and the last film, but I don't think it was better than Days of Future Past. Although, Jean Grey got some kickass scenes, the Wolvy cameo was welcomed and the Quicksilver speed-run scene was the best one yet.

GigawattConduit2010d ago

I liked the first Quicksilver scene more than the second one, because the second one makes him ridiculously overpowered.