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The Mummy – What the Hell Happened? - Gravis Ludus

Carl Williams writes, "Okay, the original Mummy and Mummy Returns were fun romps through ancient Egypt meets the semi-modern world. There even was a third movie. While there were a lot of liberties taken, the series was still fun and entertaining- it was not a history documentary. No more so than the Indiana Jones movies. After the second Mummy movie though, things went to hell. In 2017 there is to be a reboot of the series released. This reboot will star Tom Cruise who apparently found time between making more Mission Impossible movies."

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MasterD9192008d ago

I really don't know how anyone can sit through a Tom Cruise movie anymore...

Aldous_Snow2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Live.Die.Repeat was pretty good and I really like the Mission: Impossible movies. But pretty much everything else he has done over the past 10 or so years has been shit.

Oh...he was great in Tropic Thunder lol

Qrphe2007d ago

He was great in both Edge of Tomorrow and Oblivion, amazing SciFi flicks

Hold_It2007d ago


I don't really know why people shit on Tom Cruise's acting, as if his acting has anything to do with Scientology or anything else. He's a great actor, with a better film track record than a lot of these overhyped new actors out today.

Minority Report
Mission Impossible
Jerry Maguire
Top Gun
Edge Of Tomorrow
The Firm
Risky Business
Eyes Wide Shut
The Last Samurai
Tropic Thunder
Rain Man

All of his performances in those movies are very very good. I can understand if someone doesn't like his Scientology side or whatever, but the films he takes part in should be judged by his acting skills, not his personal life. The last few Mission Impossible films have been way better than the last few Bond films, the man still does his own stunts too.

annoyedgamer2008d ago

Don't fix what aint broken. I like Tom Cruise but there was no need to reboot this franchise. I would have gladly sat through a re-release however.

iliimaster2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

well from what i remember they wanted to push part 3 out fast and the original director was busy making another movie brandon fraizer? wanted to wait for the same director but the studios didint so whamo the rock and down hill ever since but tom freaking cruise ? might as well have went with will and jaden smith/ mike myers from austin powers why not david spade or danny devitto? ! i still havnt seen batman because of ben afflack

Deadpoolio2007d ago

Welp then I guess your not seeing any Batman movies for awhile, since not only was he a great Batman he is also writing, directing and starring in the stand alone(s) and is going to be in Justice League.....Oh well your loss

Hold_It2007d ago

Brendan Frasier got fat, and his name quit selling tickets alone. The Mummy 3 (which I didn't know existed) happened along with the Scorpion King Spinoff (both performed poorly) laid the series to rest.

I'm not hype for a reboot of the series, but I am slightly intrigued if this one has a more horror focus like the older Monster movies.

Deadpoolio2007d ago

LMFAO his name NEVER sold tickets, people need to stop pretending he was this major superstar because he was barely a star

Hold_It2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Actually it did. The Mummy helped launch his career and made him well known.

Just because you don't like an actor, doesn't mean facts aren't facts.

nevin12007d ago

Scorpion King(2002) and Mummy 3(2008) did well at the box office.

Anyway, the 1st movie is the only good one.

DillyDilly2007d ago

Im guessing that Tom Cruise plays Van Helsing & he will defeat each monster in their own solo movie & the monsters team up in a monster team up & still get defeated by Tom Cruise & his running skills

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