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Tom Hiddleston Confirmed To Be In Talks For Bond 25

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When you’re a fan of a particular film franchise, that becomes the thing with which people associate you. And that’s nice, because then they send you things related to that franchise. My house is a testament to this, becoming over the last decade a repository for all the random James Bond-related things people send me. They sent posters, memorabilia, LPs, books.

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-Foxtrot2015d ago

F*** YES!

Come on Tom :D

I hope since they are getting a new Bond and Spectre closed the gap for Craigs story arc they will get new actors for the other characters.

Fall back on the more lighter and fun side of Bond

Porcelain_Chicken2014d ago

Godamn!! Would be a great Bond for sure! I can't think of a better person for this right now.


Yes he is perfect at this.

Porcelain_Chicken2011d ago

Agreed. He honestly hadn't crossed my mind as a possible Bond before these talks came to be.

dauntingpixel2011d ago

i guess he'd be ok. he's rather slender compared to daniel craig though don't you think?


Yes i do but we must give him a chance to prove himself.

Porcelain_Chicken2011d ago

That is really the only downside which can be easily fixed in a few months. Not a bad single problem to have lol.

dauntingpixel2011d ago

no not too bad. we've all seen what chris hemsworth does, christian bale from the machinist to batman. it's doable and i would hope that they would try and bulk him up a bit

Aldous_Snow2011d ago

Guys guys.. Melissa McCarthy is also in talks to be the next Bond. Awesome news!!

dauntingpixel2011d ago

lol - too much man. too much

MasterD9192011d ago

Disappointed that Craig left the series, but I'm sure Hiddleston would do the role justice.