Grimm "The Beginning Of The End, Part I" Review - AVClub

AVClub: In the buildup to season five, several members of the Grimm cast and creative team promised that this season wasn’t going to be like the others, that after the climactic events of “Cry Havoc” the show would be exploring darker stories and different tracks for its characters. And while those kind of pronouncements are common for most shows during their hiatuses, it’s proven to be a correct statement this time around. Season five didn’t lack for ambition, as on the macro level it traded the oft-muddled Royal/Resistance jockeying for a worldwide conspiracy, and on the micro it explored new character dynamics in the wake of Adalind’s pregnancy and Juliette’s “death.” Not everything worked—Grimm’s case of subplot fatigue never fully went away, especially in the mayoral race—but I’d say that if not Grimm’s best season it’s definitely been it’s most interesting.

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