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Veep "Thanksgiving" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Tasked with following up the terrific “Mother,” Veep’s latest resets and regroups, bringing Amy, Dan, Richard, and Jonah back from Nevada and introducing new storylines and characters. While it lacks the pitch black heart and character focus of its predecessor, “Thanksgiving” is a solid entry for the series, showing Team Meyer on a comparatively light day made more complicated by Selina’s recovery from a cosmetic procedure. Dan grows suspicious of the beloved Tom James, whom he is staffing, Mike and Wendy find a surrogate, and Vice President Doyle makes a play to be Selina’s Secretary of State. The highlight of the episode, however, is Jonah. After being sidelined for the past couple episodes, he is pushed center stage, encouraged by his kingmaker uncle to run for Congress.

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