Person Of Interest "Reassortment" Review - AVClub

AVClub: “A More Perfect Union” is a really goofy episode of Person Of Interest. The case of the week could’ve appeared on many other shows, and lesser ones at that. Let’s reflect on the ending, shall we? This procedural mystery involves a billionaire who owns a prized championship racehorse. It’s the type of episode where this premise leads to a hired assassin being knocked out by a horseshoe followed by the line, “It’s my lucky day.” The heroine then canters in atop a mighty steed to rescue the damsel in distress. There’s a wealthy family, a wedding, an inheritance, horses, animal rights activists, the potential for murder—the usual drill. There are several twists in the mystery as to who is trying to break the main couple up before their wedding can take place, but they don’t really resonate. None of the twists are especially surprising and none of the new characters are especially developed, so there isn’t much tension in the proceedings. The older sister was after the photographer all along in order to erase evidence of her father’s horse doping but none of it really matters. Reese cracks a few skulls, Finch sings an impromptu song with an Irish lilt at the reception, and the trio reflect on their own isolated outsider status as they observe a “normal” family event; essentially, all’s well that ends well.

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