Wayward Pines "Enemy Lines" Review - AVClub

AVClub: “Don’t trust anyone over 30,” goes an old slogan from the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley back in the ’60s. It’s an understandable sentiment among young people, who have a clear picture of the hash the older generation constantly seems to be making of this world. But it’s also the central thesis statement of the First Generation in Wayward Pines, the kids who grew up only knowing this small town in Idaho. In the first season of Wayward Pines, the kids were the only ones let in on the secret truth of the world around them. The adults from Group A hadn’t been able to handle the truth, so when Group B began, it was decided to keep the ugly reality of their situation from them, instead shutting them out, leaving the newly arrived in the dark. That tactic failed, too, as people demanded to be set free. But now, the First Generation has come to power. And they don’t need to not trust their elders—because they’ve decided to imprison them instead.

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