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The Americans “Dinner For Seven” Review - AVClub

AVClub: To quote a peculiar dinner from a film that’s probably in Stan Beeman’s home-video library: This means something. This is important.

The Americans isn’t the type of show to telegraph huge, tide-changing moments, but the titular scene of “Dinner For Seven” is an exception. While watching the episode, I was overcome by screener-induced impatience, and IM’ed The A.V. Club’s own Joshua Alston in order to all-caps shout about the scene’s merits and its implications. Joshua, in his characteristically sensible, unerringly correct manner, had this to say: “That dinner scene is pivotal. We’ll be talking about that dinner scene two seasons from now.” Our conversation took place after news of the show’s renewal and endpoint broke; still, FX sure timed that announcement to the right episode, didn’t they?

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