10 Most Boring Blockbusters Of All Time


Nobody goes to the multiplex for great art, just two hours of popcorn that doesn’t leave them feeling like they’ve been had. A hero to root for, a villain to hiss, some zingers and a climactic confrontation in a collapsing skyscraper - who could ask for anything more?

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Porcelain_Chicken2016d ago

So Mission Impossible 3 is there at number 8 because there wasn't enough action or spectacle going on but Man of Steel is there at number 7 because there was TOO MUCH action and spectacle going on?!? WhatCulture....

coolbeans2015d ago

They often provide terrible reasoning.

Porcelain_Chicken2014d ago

No kidding lol. I thought both movies were fine.

MasterD9192015d ago

Man of Steel really dragged Clark Kent's backstory out in the first half of the film. The second half may be full of action, but that is literally the only reason I would watch that movie again. I've watched it twice now, and still have no need to go back for a third.

thekhurg2014d ago


The movie consistently rotated between action segments and story segments while going through his backstory. There was no "dragging out" unless you think 5 minutes of downtime here and there between bus crashes, oil rig explosions, mountains falling apart, etc... was them dragging it out.

Some people...

dota2champion2015d ago

The only blockbuster films that got me bored were the hobbit films. first one was too slow, and 3rd had too much action. Would of been much better if it was just one film

Porcelain_Chicken2015d ago

It happens. Especially when you stretch out 1 book into 3 movies!

StarWarsFan2015d ago

I don't think Godzilla was boring. I enjoyed it. I thought it was better than the new one in some areas. The new one was lit so dimly, you could barely see the action. Mission Impossible 2 wasn't boring for me either. Neither was Van Helsing. Tomb Raider and John Carter were okay; I wouldn't call them boring. I will agree with Man Of Steel and the rest.

I'd add The Dark Knight Returns to the list, Peter Jackson's King Kong and a Harry Potter or two.

Retroman2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

@ starwarsfan

The Dark Knight Returns???

last i check was Batman begins, The Dark knight, The Dark Knight rises. when did "return" movie come out??
return from what?? coma,comatose??

StarWarsFan2014d ago

My bad. Point still stands. Just shows you how boring that movie was. Not worth remembering :P