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The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Gives Perfect Response To Fan Who Asks Him Not To Kill Glenn


Please don't kill Glenn.

That was the "question" that Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman was asked during a panel at Hawaii Comic Con. The fan asking the question received some applause, but it didn't take Kirkman long to douse what little hope she had, saying:

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Soldierone2014d ago

Here's my problem with killing Glenn. He basically already died.... half the season was Maggie and others moping around because technically Glenn died. So what, are they going to just repeat that again, but this time Maggie knows for a fact Glenn is dead?

dauntingpixel2013d ago

I'm pretty sure it's not going to be glenn. it's either abraham or aaron and given there were images recently of glenn and abraham on set in full gear i'd wager it's aaron.

Rusco872013d ago

Im sorry which season are you talking about? Sounds like every season of the walking dead. pointless watching full seasons of this show. Here is a tip for anyone starting to watch this show:

Season 1 - Watch the whole thing
Season 2 - First 2 episodes, Episode before and after the break, Last 2 Episodes
Repeat season 2 viewing forever.

The show has a major problem with filler episodes. They latch on to separating the crew then attempt to bring them together again by the time the season break comes along, then copy and paste for part 2 of the season.

Killing Glenn is needed. The last episode of the last season copped out. they played it as a cliff hanger, but essentially they are scared of killing off main cast. If they are not going to Kill Glenn then they need to move away from the books completely. Stop brining in characters from the book, stop using story arcs from the book, and just go in a different direction. Daryl and his brother worked out very well from the beginning, but the whole thing is beginning to feel cheap.

My feeling is that they wont kill Glenn, it will be Abraham. He should have copped for it last season. Some one else was killed off in the way he should have done. Plus, Abraham has basically said all of his goodbyes, thanks yous, love yous and made piece with all.

dauntingpixel2013d ago

I think you mean eugene said his goodbyes

shammgod2013d ago

I agree...everybody will disagree with this, but i think they need to kill off 50% of the cast to make the show interesting again.

I know a lot of people love the show, but it has become uneventful with some poor writing.

Section82011d ago

All the evidence so far points towards Michonne.