IGN | 'Once Upon a Time: Season 5' Review


Once Upon a Time consistently has an influx of new mythology, which isn't a bad thing at all, but they should look at doing it in ways that don't take up half season chunks. Much of the season was spent in Camelot and the Underworld, and the plot was spread thin. The focus was ultimately kept on primary cast members rather than people like Merlin or Hades, at least, but they tread familiar ground and conversations too often.

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StarWarsFan2024d ago

I enjoy this show, but I will say the universe in it is so convoluted. I don't think anything is really mapped out. It feels like they just throw together scenes set in the past randomly. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some flaws if you looked back at it all, but I guess it would be hard to figure anything out anyway if you tried putting it in chronological order.