Mission Impossible 20 Years Later

Haleigh Foutch breaks down why Mission Impossible endures 20 years later, thanks to the unlikely duo of Brian De Palma and Tom Cruise.

Action movies didn’t always have to be franchises. We live in an age where blockbuster entertainment is driven by recognizable brands, household names, and the de rigueur demand for shared universes, but once upon a time in the mythical land of Hollywood yesteryear, major studios were willing to throw down a pretty penny on the basis of making a standout single film so long as it had the promise of profit. As a result, a film could be the best version of itself without becoming beholding to theoretical future installments.

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alycakes2020d ago

I didn't care much for the second one he made but other than that I love the MI movies and I go see them all. The actions is awesome and usually had something different in each one that keeps you on edge. Can't wait for the next one.