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Dwayne Johnson on His 90s Favorites, Central Intelligence

From an interview on the Boston set of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart's action comedy Central Intelligence, Johnson talks action, buddy comedies and 90210.

Dwayne Johnson has graduated from “Franchise Viagra”—the nickname bestowed upon him for being able to enter an established movie franchise and inject new life into it—to the pitched-tent foundation of new tentpoles. The highly charismatic actor has a seemingly endless amount of reboots and fresh adaptations slated over the next few years, from Baywatch to Jumanji, Rampage, Big Trouble in Little China, Shazam, Jungle Cruise, to a shared Robert Ludlum universe and a potential Doc Savage adaptation from Shane Black. Before all that comes there’s the curious case of Central Intelligence. Curious because it’s one of the only items on his plate that is an original script, is a comedy, and is wholly built around just the appeal of a Johnson-Kevin Hart pairing. In a way, it’s his biggest gamble.

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