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Vanilla Ice Breaks Out “Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO” at TMNT: Out of the Shadows NYC Premiere

EB: Vanilla Ice made a special appearance at a preview event for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows to bust out his iconic TMNT rap from the 90’s classic Secret of the Ooze. At first the audience looks just as stunned as you will be when you see Vanilla decked out in his America-gear trying to get the crowd hyped up for the preview event. Some look at him as if he’s a mental patient invading their party, while others get what’s going on. Once he busts out with “Go ninja, Go ninja, GO” the crowd eases up and has a bit of fun with the elder pop rapper.

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StarWarsFan2015d ago

So good. I wish it went on longer. It would be so cool if they recreated that classic scene in the new movie. I like how they recreated the old costumes for the event too. Still so much better than the CGI versions today.