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Joblo | 'Game of Thrones: The Door' Review


Game of Thrones season 6's fifth episode was a powder keg of holy f*cking awesome, especially from Bran’s storyline. Who would’ve thought, right? The white walker king seeing him in the dream and then coming for him, just like that! No waiting around, no pondering the process, just “hey, let’s go smoke those fools”.

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dota2champion2018d ago

bran is just screwing everything up, I wouldn't be surprised if he was the reason why aerys II went mad

aDDicteD2018d ago

Lol, bran should have known not to mess with the nights king even if it's in a vision.

aDDicteD2018d ago

A lot of reveal happened in this episode and the ending was very well made. Excited to see on what happens to kings landing on the next episode