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First Reactions To Suicide Squad Call It "Insane" And "Amazing"

WGTC writes: The first reactions to Suicide Squad are in and according those who've seen it, it's a lot better than Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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-Foxtrot2020d ago

Same was said about Batman v you know

"best superhero move of all time"

"Insanely good"



gunnerforlife2020d ago

You make it sound like it was absolutely horrendous!? It was a good movie if you understood what was happening!! Captain America wasn't much better. It was like a piece of chicken, you eat the juicy part and just keep the bones. That should of been avengers 3 part one and two. They destroyed civil war.

-Foxtrot2020d ago

The difference is you take the superheroes out of Civil War you are sitll left with a well made, well written film which can stand on it's if it was about two government CIA op teams with conflicting issues where with BvS it's just a mess for what it was hyped up to be.

WelkinCole2019d ago

@ Fox. Weird how I view it the opposite.

The plot in Cap CW didn't make any sense to me but BvS did.

Avengers didn't cause the destruction in NY nor Ultron. Ultron was Tony and to some extent Bruce. Not the Avengers as a group. Laos incident without the Avengers thousands more people would have died instead of just 15. As such the Sokovia accord didn't make any sense.

Superman being on earth is the only reason why Zod and crew came and destroy half of Metropolis which killed thousands of people. It made perfect sense why people wanted some oversight, blame him for the deaths and are still not sure about what to make of Superman as a result. Batman included.

2019d ago
gangsta_red2019d ago


Maybe it's you who didn't understand the plot of Civil War which was miles and miles better than anything BvS made.

It wasn't all about the Avengers causing the destruction but going into other countries without permission. Even though they stopped the threats there were still casualties and these nations wanted to a scapegoat to blame these casualties on.

Not to mention this new law would put some sort of control on the Avengers. A sort of leash on these heroes which has been a reoccurring theme since the second Iron Man movie and in almost all the marvel movies since.

And even the Vision stated that since the Avengers was formed that all these catastrophes happened. They they may be the reason why all this destruction happened. (which he was right). And this is why a lot of people also blamed the Avengers for what happened in New York, in Sokovia and in Laos, all those incidents are a direct result of something the Avengers or one of the members did.

BvS made no sense, especially since they established that hardly anyone wanted Superman on Earth. If people wanted some oversight and the senate wanted answers and someone to blame then why was a statue made in his honor?

Batman wanted to "KILL(!)" Superman even though he knows that Superman isn't to blame for the destruction? His own butler tells him this, makes no sense at all. Why would the senate not approve of Lex Luther's weapon that could take out Superman and Kryptonians after the destruction they caused? Makes no sense!

That is just a few of the glaring plot holes that BvS had so many of.

Civil War had it's issues but they could be overlooked because it was such a great movie. BvS was so bad that everything it did wrong stood out like bright lights on a dark freeway.

WelkinCole2019d ago


lol!. How about why Tony is not in jail for Ultron?. How did Zemo know that Tony would get the location of the bunker from Falcon?. Why didn't Zemo just send the vid to Tony?.

If Tony already knew that Bucky was brain washed and such is innocent. Why did he try and kill him?

So basically you are saying that countries would rather have 1000 times more deaths than less if the Avengers don't intervene in time?. Why and how would they scapegoat the Avengers when they saved far more people?.

So the Avengers forming is the reason why all of this stuff is happening?. Are you nuts?. How did the Tesseract ended on Earth and who opened the portal for Loki to come into Earth?. Hint : Not the Avengers lol!.

The Avengers initiative was formed because of the events that are in motion that would lead to Earth destruction not by the Avengers group themselves.

Your points makes no sense as usual.

If you followed BvS properly you would have seen that Superman is a very divisive figure. Many worship him as a God and many don't. You do know people make statues of their gods right?. lol!

Batman in BvS was slowly sliding into madness. This is after the events of a death in the family with Joker killing Todd. Batman if you didn't notice was starting to brand his enemies. Him trying to kill Superman is not because of the destruction cause in MOS but because he sees him as a existential threat to the human race. Batman still viewed Superman the same as Zod because he is Kryptonian which is fair. Batman and everyone else beside Lois and Martha does not know about Superman being raised as a human. Why in the end when Batman realize that clark has a mom and have misunderstood him didn't kill Superman.

gangsta_red2017d ago

"If you followed BvS properly you would have seen that Superman is a very divisive figure."

Which was randomly thrown together in the movie only to be thrown away completely by the end fight. Not to mention his presence caused more uneasiness and concern for the government and yet they give him a soldier's burial at the end?

The DC cinematic universe has not established or even shown that Superman is even the hero the world needs or is unanimously loved by all (unlike the comic) and yet this movie forced The Death of Superman on us. Cheap, cheap and cheap.

"Many worship him as a God and many don't. You do know people make statues of their gods right?. lol!"

So Superman destroys a whole city during a battle and is called in to question why he cause so much destruction and that city builds a monument next to the the ones that died in the city? Even when it was said that Superman NEVER answered or explained what happened that day?

How did Lex Luthor find out Superman AND Batman's secret identity?

Why did Luthor frame Superman for the killings in that African(?) village? Why would Superman use guns to kill people? Why did Luthor blow up the senate meeting, to frame Superman? Why? The next scene in the movie the news reporter tells us that they found out it was an actual bomb.

Superman flies off to the artic Alaska after the bomb because he's sad, why?

Superman saves Lois but no one else in that village INCLUDING Jimmy Olsen?

If Lex Luthor and Batman wanted Superman dead...and Luthor knows who Batman is, why the hell didn't Luthor just team up with Batman to kill Superman?

Luthor found out about Superman's identity and his mother's whereabouts...but the WORLD'S GREATEST DETECTIVE has no idea of who Superman is or that he was raised on Earth?

Superman can hear a gun being pressed against Lois's head but can't hear his own mother being kidnapped!?

"So the Avengers forming is the reason why all of this stuff is happening?. Are you nuts?." How did the Tesseract ended on Earth and who opened the portal for Loki to come into Earth?. Hint : Not the Avengers lol!."

Why did the Tesseract end up on Earth, because Thor was banished to Earth and that led to Earth being noticed by Loki and those aliens, including Thanos.

The theme of Iron Man 2 was the government trying to take control of Iron Man and wanting Tony to build Iron Man suits for their own use.

Winter Soldier's whole theme was controlling cap and even having the means to neutralize threats before they happen.

C'mon Cole you have to do better than that.

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Porcelain_Chicken2019d ago

"It's not trolling DC when unlike Marvel they could respect the source material"

And yet you only criticise DC for that. Marvel does it and it's perfectly fine. And don't give me that "they don't own all the rights" speech. I fail to see how Marvel dipping Donald Blake from Thor or Ultron being made by Stark is due to not owning Fantastic For.

"but don't not before rushing it."

Are you seriously telling me Civil War wasn't rushed?! They were both clearly rushed, but Batman v Superman was overstuffed and underdeveloped. Civil War changed things in it's own universe for the lolz. Suddenly they are vigilantes!?! People are scared of them?! Kids were wearing Iron man masks at the end of The Avengers for f--ks sake! A kid had an Iron man mask in IM2, he tried attacking that robot before Tony saved him and said "nice job" or something. They pulled that vigilante outlaws bit right out of their arse and you know it. Captain America: Serpent Society was the original movie.

freshslicepizza2018d ago

foxtrot once again showing his pessimism towards just about everything. plese show us all your positive reactions around marvel because your history shows this isn't just about superman vs batman. it's just you and your debbie downer attitude.

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DillyDilly2019d ago

Fantastic Four had good early reactions fuck early reactions

SarcasticDuck2019d ago

I enjoyed the movie... then i remembered it was supposed to be F4 lol

ISHU2019d ago

Damn I hope it's good. I had really high hopes with BvS and i tought it didn't live up to the hype for me.

scark922019d ago

I think I will judge by myself, to be honest, I am very skeptical about this movie, I hope its as 'amazing' as they say.

acemonkey2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

same thing Fox said.... lol maybe their are comparing it to BvS and just happy ts not the same

story goes up some people already start talking shit about civil war

wow you bias fanboys i love you

Porcelain_Chicken2019d ago

Story goes up and someone starts talking sh-t about BvS. But that one doesn't really matter to YOU. Now does it?!

I'm sure the bias fanboys adore you aswell.

acemonkey2018d ago

who talk shit about BvS? not me but it sucked.... im saying the reviews are probably comparing it to BvS experience you sound so mad right now

and people are talking about Civil War above us SS and CW different movies why bring one up? BvS and SS is in the same DCEU relax

uncharted562019d ago

Civil War was awesome imo esp that ending action sequence. Again BvS was not bad but it could have been so much better if more attention was paid to characters and story and with better editing. That said I did ask a feew of these people questions and one of them said that this was better then BvS and should had been the movie to launch DCEU rather then BvS. That said I will be skeptical cuz these early reviews are mostly hype.

Porcelain_Chicken2017d ago

I'm not mad. I thought BvS was meh aswell. Foxtrot- felt the need to compare this movie to BvS on his first comment. A backhanded swing like always. I wasn't referring to you.

"and people are talking about Civil War above us SS and CW different movies why bring one up? BvS and SS is in the same DCEU relax"

Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman are also different movies. SS and CW is in the same genre relax. Logic. S/

acemonkey2017d ago

i get logic but this is a review towards SS. Thats why im saying why are we talking about civil war? and yes compare them all because their comic books movies. but when BvS kinda flop we got " dont compare" " its darker" " its dc not marvel" " its the second movie in the DCEU"

but most early reviews of any movie is positive...

glad to hear that you thought BvS was Meh ( told you that since day 1)