TVF Grimm Season Finale Review: Beginning of the End

The season came to a violent and brutal end with the Grimm Season 5 finale; read on for our review and analysis of this game-changing double episode!

Wow. What a way to end a season. It's not that Grimm Season 5 Episode 21 and Grimm Season 5 Episode 22 upset the status quo so much as blow it up with truck stuffed with C-4.

It also indirectly answered a question I'd had since pretty much the first episode: why are there so few Wesen at Nick's precinct? Now we know! Obviously, Black Claw has someone in the personnel department at the Portland Police Bureau.

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alycakes2015d ago

Wow! I still can't get over everything that happened in tonight's finale. I think Eve is back to being Juliette but I'm not sure may take time but it seems that all her emotions are back and that can only mean one thing, the stick cured her of more than just the injury she had.

StarWarsFan2015d ago

Great season finale. May have been the best one yet. I was so worried this show wasn't going to get renewed, so I'm glad it was. Then again, this show seems to be on the bubble with every season, but it keeps surviving. It's so underrated, I wish more would give it a shot. Spread the word! Let's increase this show's viewership for a change.