'X-Men: Apocalypse' Team Respond to Criticisms of Villain's Look


When the first images from X-Men: Apocalypse were revealed (by this very outlet), the Internet didn’t exactly scream with delight – particularly when it came to the look of the titular villain. Most of the backlash stemmed from his size and coloring, and it turns out star Oscar Isaac didn’t exactly love those shots either.

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-Foxtrot1545d ago

He still looks crap now, it wasn't just the first "bad pics" he's still horrible compared to his comic counterpart

Marvel nailed it with Thanos yet Fox can't do it with's ridiculous

Aldous_Snow1545d ago

Thats Fox and Bryan Singer for you. Both utterly useless when it comes to anything Marvel related.

stuna11544d ago

I agree, many don't understand the significance of selling an ideal can boil down to presentation.

Spikeantestor1543d ago

I've said it a million times over, the consistan cheapness of the visuals is one of worst things about Foxes X universe films.

Majin-vegeta1543d ago

Just got back from watchong it and I just couldnt get over the fact thst he looks so puny amd weak.In the cartoom he was somewhat buff.

1543d ago