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Ranking All 30 of Stan Lee’s Marvel Cameos To Date

Comic book legend Stan Lee has been popping up in Marvel films since the turn of the century in cameo roles. In recent years it has gotten to the point that any Marvel movie where he doesn't make an appearance just doesn't feel like a true Marvel movie (I'm looking at you, Fant4stic Four). It doesn't matter whether the movie is owned by Disney, Sony, Fox, or anyone else; if it's got the Marvel tag on it, he's probably going to show up. Heck, he's even shown up in all four Marvel Cinematic Universe TV shows to date.

In his first few appearances he didn't have any speaking lines, and nowadays he's often the source of great one-liners or fun references. Not all of his cameos are that great, however, so here's a look at all 30 times Stan Lee has appeared on-screen in Marvel film and television, ranked from worst to best.

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Hehehe, Tony Stank. Still hilarious.