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Dark Tower Movie Clue From Stephen King

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In a cryptic Twitter post, author Stephen King may have offered a potentially major clue about the direction of the upcoming The Dark Tower movie.

Stephen King’s Dark Tower book series spanned seven novels over the course of 22 years, following the journey of Roland Deschain on his journey to the titular location.

It takes The Gunslinger a long time to finally reach the tower and when he does, he’s confronted with a startling realization: He’s done it all before. Roland has made the trip to the tower countless times, but every time his journey is different and every time he returns his journey resets. As the book closes, Roland finds himself back at the start of the pages of the first novel, though this time he has something in his possession that he didn’t have the first time around: the Horn of Eld. Once he realizes he has it in his possession, the voice of Gan tells Roland, “This is your promise that things may be different, Roland – that there may yet be rest. Even salvation.”

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