TVF Arrow Season 4 Episode 22 Review: Lost in the Flood

On Arrow Season 4 Episode 22, Oliver and Diggle infiltrate Darhk's ark to save Thea while Felicity and Noah work to shut down Rubicon for good.

You gotta have hope, right?

Because, without hope there's nothing, and if Damien Darhk gets his way, that's exactly what there's going to be a lot of.

Fortunately, on Arrow Season 4 Episode 22, Oliver and friends provide a little hope as they move one step closer to ending the nightmare that is Damien Darhk.

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alycakes2024d ago

OMG! Last night's episode was really wild. I can't believe everything that happened. Are they going to be able to defeat Darhk? I can't wait to see next week. Stephen Amell said on Facebook that we would be happy with the finale but so far I don't have much hope.