Netflix: Blade, Moon Knight & Ghost Rider Series to be Created on Netflix

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Netflix is one of the largest television series releasing platforms in the world. The platform has already taken over Marvel character series like 'Daredevil' and other hit series like 'Orange is the New Black.'

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Arcee2029d ago

These sound more like rumors than some kind of news (as your source is pretty much stating what the IC has been saying for the past several years), but it is a rumor that I would love to see come to fruition. I would love to see Ghost Rider, Moon Knight and Blade come to Netflix. But this sounds like more here say, repeated from previous reports.

Aldous_Snow2028d ago

Blade and Ghost Rider will be cool. Not heard of this Moon Knight

SarcasticDuck2028d ago

not a big fan of Marvel (comics) either, but from what i can tell, Moon Knight is like a ninja vigilante (kinda like a white batman). I dont think he has super powers, but i know he has some supernatural background on egypt. Imagine Deapool without the humour and regen.

alycakes2028d ago

I also would love to see Ghost Rider and Blade but I think that it's also a rumor.

SarcasticDuck2028d ago

(if this is true)... "Do your panties get wet? They will!"
yup, Snyder steals Batman from me, i still his movie's lines from him!

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