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'Batman v. Superman' Fallout: Warner Bros. Shakes Up Executive Roles

THR: The Burbank-based studio is making changes to the way it handles its DC Entertainment-centered films, giving oversight of the feature projects to a pair of executives and creating a dedicated division for the films. Current executive vp Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, DC's chief content officer who successfully launched the comics label's foray into television, will co-run DC Films, according to multiple sources.

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Arcee2018d ago

As a comic book fan, I really hope that the new teams can manage and correct the mistakes that have been made in bringing these iconic characters to the big screen over the past few years. I am especially hopeful knowing that Geoff Johns is highly involved. Hopefully he will have some strong influence and say-so with regards to the future scripts that come across his desk with regards to the DCCU.

Porcelain_Chicken2018d ago

Jon Berg and Jeff Geoff Johns have both already been involved in these movies!! :l They are just getting more power. Wether that is good or not I dunno. They still need to give Snyder the boot which they are clearly not doing.

UltraNova2017d ago

No no no, Snyder should be provided with better scripts and actors(see Luthor) to work with, period.

dboyman2017d ago

Yes Snyder AND Goyer must go. Snyder is all flash for a director, but with DC Universe need a director with more than that..

Porcelain_Chicken2017d ago


Well for one, Snyder hired Jesse Eisenberg. He chose him to play Lex. I still stand by what I said before, the casting wasn't bad, ultimately the actual performance and script left a "meh" taste in your mouth. As for better scripts, well Snyder is the director. It's up to him on wether or not a script is good enough or not. He had so much control over BvS. More control than most directors get. Every triumph aswell as every failure falls on his shoulders.

From my understanding. The original script (the one Snyder and Goyer wrote and Josh Brolin tried out for) was much worse and Affleck along with Terrio re-wrote a good chunk of it.

WelkinCole2017d ago

I honestly liked BvS better than Cap Civil War.

RyanShutup2017d ago

WHAT!? I mean opinions and all... but how?! why!?

WelkinCole2017d ago

Basically BvS was fairly different from the source and the plot made more sense to me personally. I have seen and read too many DC animation and comics that if Snyder were to stick to the source it would basically be a live action JL cartoon while not bad, it would be to samey to me.

I liked Snyder's different take on the characters. I like that both characters were very vulnerable and it made them more relateable for me personally. Superman is not the usual boy scout Superman where everything is super. He is still not sure about his role on Earth. Snyder captured his uncertainty and loneliness being the only one left of his kind in a world that is still coming to grips with his existence and what to make of him after Man of Steel. Batman included. Never before this was fleshed out in any animation feature or comics so well so it was fresh for me.

We always had Superman that becomes superman overnight and everyone are ok with him and he is this boy scout guy. Simple, boring and overused.

Batman I liked that Snyder used a version of the Dark Knight Batman that is slowly sliding into madness after the events of A Death in a family. Its was just a different portrayal of Batman than the ones we had before. His vulnerability was evident to his reconfirmation to his values in the end. He was pretty well done.

Now for the plot. After Man of Steel. It made perfect sense that many are afraid of superman and many want some sort of oversight. The only reason why Zod and his crew came to Earth and destroyed half of Metropolis is because of Superman existence on Earth. This fact has also weighted heavily on Superman because he knows his existence on Earth indirectly is responsible for thousands of peoples deaths. There is no two way about this.

For Cap CW. The Sokovia accord didn't make any sense. While there has been collateral damage, 15 dead people in Laos. Many more people were saved. Without the Avengers Earth would have been doom and they were not responsible for what happened in Avengers 1. They are the heros. So some how collateral damage in NY is unacceptable while trying to save the world?. Like really?.

Tony yes for Ultron but he alone is not the Avengers. The Avengers as a group didn't decide to create Ultron. Still didn't make sense why Tony was not in prison after Ultron. It was very convenient for the writers to overlook this and instead try to convince me the Avengers as a group is a public menace that needs supervision by non other than Ross. The same guy that created the Abomination to go after Hulk because of his daughter. I was just rolling my eyes through out.

Even with the Sokovia accord it would not have stopped Tony from creating Ultron. Its basically an unenforceable accord.

Then there is the complete Tony character flip in the end. Any sane person would have understand that Bucky is innocent as he was brainwashed. To try and murder someone innocent in cold blood really didn't sit well with me. Especially for a so called hero.

Overall Cap is the more fun movie no doubt but BvS left a better impression on me. BvS respected people's intelligence more.

2017d ago
mamotte2017d ago

You're part of a minority, sadly. For you. And Warner. And Snyder.

gangsta_red2017d ago

"I honestly liked BvS better than Cap Civil War."

Well that explains everything.

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donwel2017d ago

Did Batman v Superman flop? I heard it performed quite well at the box office.
Or are we talking about ratings here?

Porcelain_Chicken2017d ago

Both I guess. It didn't flop financially but it didn't make all that much either. It didn't even crack the 1billion dollar mark. The last Superman movie (Man of steel) made $668,045,518 worldwide. With another strong $107,812,095 in incredibly strong DVDs sales higher than The Wolverine and Iron man of that year). That's $775,857,613 in total. The last Batman movie (The Dark knight rises) made $1,084,939,099 cracking the one billion mark for the second time in Batman history. Naturally, it's easy to assume that if Batman can crack the one billion mark and Superman can get so close together they can swiftly walk past that goal right?! We no, Batman v Superman made $870,117,555. It tripled it's $250 million dollar budget but ultimately did worse numbers than the last Batman movie and slightly better numbers than the last Superman movie. If we were talking just ratings than yeah BvS did dramatically worse rating-wise of compared to the last Batman and Superman movies which hold a 87% and %56 percent on Rotten tomatoes. BvS holds a 25%.

mamotte2017d ago

Is kind of perspective, as always. It's not like it flopped, the real problem is that it wasn't exactly a big success. One can say this for another movies, but this isn't "another movie". It's a movie that includes a battle between the two more recognized comic heroes of all time. If something as big as that fail to move a humongous (I think that's the word. Native spanish here) amount of money, then something's really wrong with it. As a reference, even Zootopia, an original movie, not a sequel, passed the billion mark. So... that's the real problem. Warner sold it's best product and was "just ok". What can they expect from other movies? Specially after the bad taste BvS left on critics and common people.

gangsta_red2017d ago

From a past article I heard it's opening it made a ton of money but the following weekends so one of the most drastic drop offs in movie history, obviously word of mouth and the horrible reviews it got had a huge impact on the movie.