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The Lobster Review - AVClub

AVClub: The demented deadpan comedy The Lobster takes place in an alternate reality where all adults have just 45 days to secure a romantic partner; if they fail to do so by the deadline, they’re turned into animals of their choosing. The film’s most striking transformation, however, isn’t so much man into beast as stud into dud. Can that really be Colin Farrell, the aging Irish heartthrob of In Bruges, under all that extra weight, those unflattering glasses, that bushy black mustache? As David, a sad-sack college professor facing the end of his marriage (and by extension, a future as the titular crustacean), Farrell hasn’t just undergone a dramatic physical makeover. There’s also a noticeable loss of swagger in his step, as if every drop of movie-star braggadocio has been drained from his (suddenly doughy) body. So confident is The Lobster in this illusion of ordinary-dude frumpiness that it actually seats the actor right next to John C. Reilly, all but inviting comparison. That’s just showing off.

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