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Search Party Review - AVClub

AVClub: It’s difficult to hide the fact that Search Party has been sitting on its distributor’s shelf for a couple of years now. IMDB lists the production date as 2014, and a cursory Google search reveals that the movie was released on Blu-ray overseas a year ago. So why is it coming to (a small handful of) American theaters now? Presumably, that’s thanks to the newly heightened profile of Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch (who very recently was small-time enough to play the cashier in an American Express ad alongside Tina Fey) and his co-star, T.J. Miller, who did voice work on Oscar-winner Big Hero 6. The problem is, though, that this movie was past its expiration date when it was written, let alone made. So a two-year cooling period was the opposite of what it needed.

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