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Game Of Thrones "Book Of The Stranger" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Now that is how you set the table. “Book Of The Stranger” doesn’t just check off plot points. In fact, there aren’t a lot of plot points to check off. It’s an episode of introductions, reunions, and wall-to-wall scheming. No wonder Littlefinger finally returns to the fold. Sansa’s strategizing with Jon, Cersei’s spearheading a move against the Sparrows, Osha tries her damnedest to take out Ramsay. Finally the globe is a Risk board again, with all kinds of lords and ladies and once and future khaleesis deciding what to do with armies. The recurring idea is strong women, women in command, women refusing to shrink. Missandei weighs in on a momentous piece of legislation. Even imprisoned Margaery refuses to just accept her position, the way so many women have been forced to in the past. The result is another coup that turns out to be the latest effortless spectacle in Dany’s conquest of a continent.

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